The stone lies

Near the pile of boulders

In the city park

Watching over the man asleep

In his cardboard shelter

And cries.


And every stone shall cry


The stone cries

Along the roadside

As the bomb explodes

Killing young soldiers

As well as the children nearby.


And every stone shall cry


The stone knows to cry

Even before the excavator

Upheaves the earth

To take away the coal

And leaves only a ragged empty space.


And every stone shall cry.


The ancient stones

Of the wailing wall

Cry as they have cried for centuries

Listening to the prayers

Of the sufferers

And the selfish

The grieving

And the greedy

That reverberate

With echoes of misunderstanding

About who has been left out

Of the Kingdom of God .


And every stone shall cry.


Every stone shall cry

Yet goes unheard

As humankind

With hardening core

Pushes violence



And neglect

Rumbling across the world like boulders.